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About Us

The Greener Grass Project is centered around building a community of cannabis professionals.

Here at Green Grass Solutions, we are composed of an entirely regional team, operations, and management. We will connect with state-licensed cannabis operations and other supporting brands to provide high-quality services to the legal market in New Jersey, New York, and more. We represent and will continue to represent our community, employing women, disabled veterans, and individuals from disadvantaged areas. We are more than just a cannabis consulting company.  Our keystone mission is to work on cannabis advocacy and education. We are servicing the community through refined networking and elegant service. 

Mission of the Greener Grass Project

“Operate a community-friendly, adult-use marijuana string of businesses that serves as a model to regulatory authorities and is a shop the community trusts.”

Social Equity and Economic Empowerment are commission programs created to help disadvantaged persons to gain a foothold in the industry and share in the industry’s economic benefits.
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