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Financial Services

Green Grass Solutions, LLC also functions as an advisory and consulting firm specializing in cannabis and hemp industry finance-related solutions. We educate clients on the risks and opportunities of providing service to our industries, help them implement their new programs, and introduce them to pre-qualified industry customers matched to their criteria.

Since 2020, we have built and now offer our clients exclusive access to our unique business consulting network.

This growing consortium of U.S.-based, industry-friendly, and federally-insured financial institutions provides a full range of commercial services, including:


Internal strategic direction, assessing the viability of potential future projects. Tracking cash flow, financial planning, assisting in developing business models & financial projections, and offering consulting services to new and current clientele.



B2B electronic payment solutions

Payroll and employee accounts

Working capital

Cannabis-savvy commercial insurance

As a Green Grass Solutions client, you’ll be introduced to business partners that welcome your marijuana, CBD, and hemp-related business without workarounds, guises, or the constant worry that you’ll lose your banking relationship. 

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