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Green Grass Solutions, LLC

Legal consultation, marketing strategies, brand development, online software products, online communications strategies, social media marketing strategies, and more. 

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Who We Are

Green Grass Solutions, LLC provides quality services to our clientele as business service provider within the cannabis industry. Our core business principles around the 'Triple Bottom Line' encapsulate the themes of people, planet, and profit. Under these principles, we will help our clientele give back to the people they serve, the earth, and the community and develop the most efficient for-profit plans for clientele relationships. These are the core themes of our company and certainly are factored in when creating our clientele connections. Green Grass LLC's goods and services give back to the local community and more. We have a deep philosophical purpose in joining the destigmatization of cannabis/CBD use, and we take pride in leading this charge. Destigmatization is an everyday fight, and the single best way to lead this effort is through a robust social media marketing campaign, our specialty! 

From Our Staff

"I have known the owners of Green Grass LLC my whole life, and I have certainly seen the capabilities and ethical reasoning needed to be a socially equitable business."

John D.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."


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