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Logistic Services

Anyone wondering how to start a cannabis business must be prepared to handle the complex supply chain issues of this industry.

Supply Chain

Current regulations bar the transportation of marijuana across
state lines. This is a potent inhibitor to entering or investing in
legal marijuana. Any supply chain is further complicated by
additional regulations surrounding product testing, approvals, taxation, etc.

Cost Effective Business Plan

Legally selling cannabis and cannabis-related products require
forethought, strategy, and business savvy to navigate the industry’s
ever-evolving regulations, medical and recreational uses, product testing,
safety, distribution, tax environment, and more. When creating a cannabis
business plan, business owners and investors must consider these key
industry factors to find a way toward a legally established, streamlined
cannabis supply chain — and valid “seed to sale” profits.

The Future

Marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) sit at an inflection point. Never in
history has the industry been poised for such commercial explosion — with
data backing up its burgeoning positioning.

Grow with us

An accurate exploration of a cannabis business case for investors and
business owners must unravel all this interdependent industry information,
sorting market hype from structural developments and sound business
logistics. Understanding the barriers within your state’s permitted
cannabis supply chain is the first step to building a successful and
legally viable marijuana business plan.

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