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Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Strategies to Boost your Cannabis Business

Marketing in the cannabis industry can be hard, yet there are many different aspects of a marketing mix that we use to get around tough laws and regulations. With integrated strategies that use Public Relations, CSR, Advertising, Branding, and our other services, we ensure finding the best solutions so you never feel limited in your marketing.

Our Main Services

Our full service packages employ a strategic marketing mix of the listed services as well as the other services we offer.


Strategy Development

A good strategy should be focused and not merely productive, but always pushing to meet the end goal. The main focus of the strategy revolves around three parts, a diagnosis, a guiding policy, and a collection of coherent actions. There is a guiding policy that is specifically designed to tackle the problems laid out in the diagnosis. The guiding policy is carried out through a series of coherent actions or in this case marketing efforts. We will develop strategies to solve any business problem and will continue to update and refine our strategy based on data collected.



Cannabis advertising is a particularly important topic and a widespread problem for cannabis businesses. However, there are many new media channels that are becoming readily available, as well as plenty of ways to advertise without getting in trouble. From outdoor marketing to PPC advertising, we can cover any efforts necessary to raise awareness and boost your sales. Our legal team works closely with our marketing team to ensure all advertising efforts are within legal limits. 


Social Media

Social Media can be tricky, especially because each site has their own set of regulations. Our legal team works with our marketing team to find the best social media channels to promote your product and services on. Consistent social media posting and engagement can help cultivate a brand image and also provide many opportunities for promotions and creating a two way dialogue with the consumer to get insights into their wants and needs. Social media is very important for a cannabis brand to develop a following in areas besides locally. 



Branding is important for a company to establish credibility or to position themselves in any market. To be on top of your niche, your brand has to have a central message, and an image support this message. When people are in need of your product or service, your branding efforts will put you top of mind in the consumer. We develop content, messaging, style, and brand image centered around your marketing strategy. This will help with positioning efforts to put you at the forefront of your industry. 


Public Relations

Public Relations is extremely important for any business in the Cannabis Industry. With so much stigma surrounding the plant, it is important to be active in your community, both local, state, and national, as well as keeping a good standing in the news media and any stakeholders you may have involved with your company. We specialize in placing articles, spotting problems before they happen with crisis management, and establishing CSR efforts that will boost your company's reputation. 


Web Development

Your website is your biggest marketing tool. In this digital era, any online efforts you make should point to your website. All promotional efforts can point to different pages and landing pages associated with the website. Different website elements can be used to cross-sell and upsell, as well as obtaining subscribers or providing free educational content. We use Growth Driven Design to ensure your website is always being tested and updated.  It can be the face of a company for many people. B2C and B2B businesses alike can benefit from high quality websites. It shows credibility, and establishes trust with the consumer. Lets face it, we usually leave a website that is hard to use. Don’t let your website fall short. 

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