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What Other Uses Does Cannabis or Hemp Have?

Cannabis and hemp are not the same because hemp has comparatively low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol than cannabis. There is also a major difference between them hemp being legal and cannabis being illegal in the US by federal law. Though both plants are of the same species the levels of THC define them.

Cannabis and hemp both have many different uses and different industries other than marijuana extraction. Cannabis is trimmed off its leaves instead of the natural fall of the leaves and stems. These cannabis-trimmed leaves can be used for various purposes.

  • Cannabis leaves can be used in the tea for added flavor.

  • They can be ground and mixed with salads or other foods like oatmeal.

  • Cannabis milk or milkshake is also a favorite beverage of some.

  • Cannabutter which is a mixture of cannabis and butter is so varied that it deserves its category. Admittedly, it's the base for some of the most well-known delicacies of cannabis.

Hemp can also be made into many other products, rather it has a separate industry.

  • In the industry, hemp is used to manufacture different types of ropes.

  • It is used in plastic manufacturing.

  • Printing and art paper are made out of it.

  • Many building materials are produced from hemp.

  • Other consumer goods like pens and sunglasses.

  • Many beauty products are produced with it.

  • Hemp fiber is used for many clothing and textile industries.

Hemp Foods

  • Used in different protein powders, energy bars, and veg burgers.

  • Different sausages are made out of it.

  • Hemp milk, hemp flour, and used in different bears and other hemp-infused beverages along with coffee and hemp tea.


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